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“Morning Maria,
You’ve done it again!
I got this ecstatic phone call from (her) after your visit. She felt wonderful, l walked without her stick the whole afternoon and was telling all her friends about you. Having been a nurse all her life, she recognised that you have a very special gift and thought it one of the best birthday presents ever! Watch this space for more requests!Thank you once again for coming out this way to treat her”

Ann - Ladner, BC

” Maria’s ability to be fully present with me during our session helped me to instantly relax and surrender. I felt held and safe as her abilities and knowledge worked their magic. Maria is a gift to the world of healing. She embodies it like no one I know.

Every session with her is a true blessing.”

Simone - Nelson, BC

“I was blessed enough to have a massage with Maria last week, I live with chronic, intense pain. After my treatment I was actually “pain free” for the rest of the day. This may not sound like much for some people, but for me it was actually miraculous. To be able to experience my body in a regulated, peaceful state was so wonderful. I am very grateful! My body pain has not disappeared but has diminished. I have another appointment next week, and am really looking forward to it. Thank you so much!”

Lana - Vancouver, BC

“If you’re looking for a masterful Craniosacral therapist, massage therapist or intuitive healer (and if you’re lucky enough to live in Vancouver), I highly recommend Maria of Sacred Sacral. Blissful, insightful, profoundly transformative work. Thank you, Maria :o).”

Olga - Horsefly, BC

“I have been in 3 car accidents in 1 year, and have tried several physical therapy options. The pain i have suffered from these accidents is chronic and persistent. After the massage treatment from Maria I instantly felt the positive effects. After trying so many things to combat the pain it was so wonderful to finally find someone who could alleviate the tension and the pain. I would recommend Maria to anyone.”

Leanne - North Vancouver, BC

I tried TRE when I was looking for a new healing modality to provide some relief and strengthen my emotional and physical body. Desmond thoroughly explained every step of the treatment, including what to expect and how I might feel. It was comforting to have the process outlined for me since it lowered my anxiety and allowed me to surrender to the process.
I  found  TRE to be quite simple — just a few controlled movements,  but the release was intense and powerful. Through it all, I had Desmond, who created a safe environment and talked me through my feelings and reaction. I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my body. It helps that I had Desmond by my side with his kind face, gentle manner and calming presence.
Overall, it was an amazing experience and plan to book with Desmond again. I would recommend doing TRE with Desmond to anyone experiencing or holding on to any physical and mental distress.

Anita - Vancouver

My first experience attempting TRE was welcoming, grounding and educational , so much gratitude for Vibes TRE! Desmond’s guidance is informed and assuring because it is grounded in his own TRE practice. His confidence and ability to ease any stress surrounding something quite unfamiliar has been quintessential to taking this path toward my own healing.

Emerald - Vancouver

Desmond was incredibly helpful and calm in guiding me through my first TRE experience.
His personal story of transcending painful experience and emotional trauma(?) with TRE allowed me to have the courage to face my own pain of having a hidden injury (post-concussion syndrome and accompanying emotional challenges). I would definitely recommend
him as a trusted TRE practitioner. His intuition in guiding you through the exercises is so helpful in releasing tension, stress, and trauma. Thank you!

Audrey - Seattle, WA

I have been practicing TRE with Desmond since 2015. I started out of curiousity and passion for movement as a healing modality. When I was experiencing severe PTSD symptoms, Desmond’s calm and grounding presence and his ability to guide me through TRE while I felt safe and secure allowed me to experience the perfect amount of release each session. I have found TRE to be a profound healing modality, particularly when any other movement or meditation feels unattainable. Desmond leads TRE in a way one can be self-reliant in one’s own time, however I will continue to practice with Desmond as his presence and ability to lead me to new break throughs and maintain calm and present throughout is an invaluable gift.

Florence - Vancouver

Can i just say Wow!! Maria we have been friends for 7 years and this was my first treatment with you in your studio actually my first treatment ever and It was such an amazing experience my body is still unfolding all the elements and energy that has been blocked for who knows how long! I look forward to investigating your suggestions for future care…. I wish we lived much closer so that we both could enjoy more sessions of sacred and touch release healing… always a gift to have a visit with you 5 star care thank you thank you thank you!!