Deep Flow Massage with Maria (90mins)


MASSAGE AND BODYWORK: It was here in Deep Flow that I found a way for massage to get to the depth (body, mind and spirit) I had only ever found through Craniosacral. This time the cues were the skin, fascia and muscles – this time it was outside-in. I was also encouraged to observe posture, use plum lines and strategize series of sessions; engaging the client to participate in their bodywork goals and become an active receiver. Unexpected outcomes are common where the bands of fascia are the highlight of each session and, at times, a dramatic shift in appearance is obvious. This is no oily massage, and requires, at times, participation…but the potential for real change is why it’s my favourite type of massage. I will meet you where you are at, if you are willing to meet your edge.
A wise friend once pointed out to me – where there is no edge, there is no medicine.Deep Flow has roots in Deep Tissue Massage, Meditation, Anatomy, Restorative Yoga and Breath work.
+ Basic principle: when the body is in alignment, it can both relax and have more energy.

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