Cranial Sacral Therapy Session (60mins)


Craniosacral is a light touch therapy that treats the whole nervous system including conditions such as: migraines, lower back pains, sciatica, neuralgia, endocrine imbalances, chronic pain…

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BRAINS, BONES AND CEREBRAL SPINAL FLUID: Present and listening with all of my senses to what my clients and their bodies are saying, I create a synergy of science and intuition that is applied through my passion: Craniosacral. My intention is to create a space for the body to be at ease; to speak its language, goes at its pace, feel the subtle cues it sends out that can often make the client gain faith as I am led to unspoken areas of pain, scars, and trauma. The pressure applied is usually no more than 5 grams, but each session differs. Most clients feel a general sense of deep relaxation. Some fall asleep. Some experience stimulation of senses independent of where I have my hands. Clients come away from a session feeling lighter, freer, more aware of themselves and how they feel. I myself find the sessions meditative and peaceful and always look forward to time spent in what I consider a Sacred Space– the Wisdom of the Body.

Craniosacral treats such a wide range of symptoms, but is most commonly known for its wonders with migraines, whiplash, vertigo, tinnitus, back pain, sciatica, menstrual cramps and speeding recovery time of surgery and injuries.